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Supporting Artists in Hard Times

The first in a series of posts featuring our current interns and how they are making a difference at MATV/UMA. This post is about Malden resident Amanda Hurley. She celebrates the local artists on a twitter account she put up called What’s Good in the Neighborhood.

Supporting Artists in Hard Times

I’m Fine Really

My grandfather apparently had a blog… I just love finding these things. Missing him but smiling at these discoveries.

Would I Lie to You

I’m Fine, Really

Every morning at 7:45 I catch butterflies on my tongue.

My favorite rooster, Rhode Island Red then prepares me a bowl of fish chowder,

which I enthusiastically consume to show my appreciation.

When I arrive at work I find that I am growing a long fuzzy tail,

that I refuse to acknowledge.

If anyone should notice my tail I shall refer them to my psychiatrist.

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The Journey Begins

Hey Friends, Happy to be here!

These days, I am interested in opening myself up to the full creative process, pushing myself to write and produce more as well. This summer I will be persuing a certificate in broadcast media production, which means spending some time behind the camera as well. I have already started working on video editing with premiere pro, as you will in my work with the actor reel and webseries. Also excited to try anything and everything performance-wise; film, theater, puppets, singing, underwater ballet? Sounds good to me!!

Thanks for joining me on this lil’ journey!

Love, Amanda

P.S. Never lose sight of your dreams…though life may alter your path as you move along. You can always get back on track.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton